"Little drops of water make a mighty ocean". "A minute seed is rooted deep to become a great tree". Likewise, a small primary school which was started in 1889 has now reached a great altitude to the extent of having 8 institutions under one management. The source amount for starting that primary school was raised by collecting a handful of rice everyday from each house and selling them. Thanks to the untiring and strenuous efforts of the then kind and noble hearted men of the Hindu Nadar Community, now the institution has attained the potential of rendering free educational service to the poor and the needy.

Like the sunrays which clear darkness, the various intellects of our institution expel the ignorance of the succeeding and forth coming generations. Year after year, able and exemplary students who possess dynamic qualities come out with flying colours and show their efficiency in the field they select and they bring additional glory and laurels to this renowned institution.


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