Origin & History

The great Kshatriya Vidhyasala now stands like a fully grown banyan tree with its spreading branches and sturdy roots. This mighty banyan tree has grown from a tiny seed which was sown before hundred years by the eminent men of vision devoted to the cause of free education.

Men of vision who sowed the seed

"Imparting knowledge freely to the needy is the most laudable Charitable act". Keeping this vision in their mind the great men of vision Thiruvalargal


  • Sri.Dharmakartha V.P.K.Shanmuga Nadar
  • Sri.L.P.S.Shanmuga Nadar
  • Sri.S.P.Ponnappa Nadar
  • Sri.V.Vannia Nadar
  • Sri.K.M.A.Vadivel Muruga Nadar and
  • Sri.C.T.Sankaralinga Nadar

put their hands together and decided to start a school by name Hindu Primary School. The school was started on 26th November 1889 and successfully managed by Thiruvalargal Sri.S.P.Ponnappa Nadar and Sri.L.P.S.Shanmuga Nadar.Thus the seed for the Banyantree - the great Kshatriya Vidhyasala was successfully laid.

The Seed

'The Hindu Primary School' started with 32 pupils in a humble residence called 'Villan Machu' at Ull Street, Virudhunagar in 1889 was nurtured by Philanthrophic minded business men of Virudhunagar and humble donations collected from the Hindu Nadar homes by way of handfuls of rice everyday.

The Tender Coconut

The strength of the school raised up and it became a middle school in 1892. The necessary for a spacious building with play ground was felt. The foundation stone for the new building was laid by Sri. J.D.R.Anatharama Iyer, Deputy collector and the construction work started at the site selected near Amman kovil maiden. The new building with architectural beauty and palatial look was opened by the then Thirunelveli District collector Mr.A.W.P.Higgins on 07.02.1895. On the veryday the name of the school was changed as 'Kshatriya Vidhyasala Middle School'. New Office Bearers resumed office and Sri.N.S.Manickavasakam B.A., took over charge as the first Headmaster.

The Growing Plant

plantDemands for education grew year after year. Many more sheds and annexe buildings were built around the main building to accommodate new class rooms. The first floor of the main building was built with the financial assistance of Palasarakku Mahamai fund. Mr.Lee I.C.S.,the R.D.O., Sri.P.N.Mohamed Miran Saheb, the Sub Magistrate and Sri.P.O.Sivarama Iyer, the Deputy Thasildhar were greatly responsible for raising the funds for the successful administering of the School.

The K.V.S.Managing Board

Thanks to the great efforts of Sri.P.O.Sivarama Iyer, The Kshatriya Vidhyasala Managing Board was formed by putting all the Muraikarars of all the business sections of Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars together with 17 members and a governing body consisting of a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Bye - Laws were framed and the managing Board was registed under companies act on 23.12.1915.

About Us

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The Branches

When the number of pupils went on mounting up year after year and the need for more schools in various other parts of the town, it was decided to start a few elementary schools farther apart as feeder schools for the Kshatriya Vidhyasala High School under the same management.

First Branch

The first branch thus started was Saraswathi Vidhyasala Elementary School. It was started in 1911 at ull street for both boys and girls. Later in 1970 the school was shifted to Malai Koil Street.

Second Branch

The Second branch, Subramania Vidhyasala Elementary School was started on 24.07.1920 at Malai Koil Street near "Theppakulam". Later it was shifted to Talai Panikkar street.

Third Branch

The Third branch came into existence in 1921, when sections I to V from the High School were separated and a separate Elementary School by name 'Kshatriya Vidhyasala Elementary School' was started. Both sexes were admitted in the school. The school became a middle school in 1947. The classes were housed in a commodious building in 1966.

Four Branch

As the strength of pupils began to flood into Kshatriya Vidhyasala middle school, a new feeder school by name 'Thiruvalluvar Vidhyasala Elementary School' was started on 01.06.1955. The School thus started became a Middle school in 1961 and the school was housed in a commodious building built in 1962 - 63.

Fifth Branch

To cater the needs of children in the age group 3 - 5, in 1962 a nursery section was opened in the name "Palar Vidhyasala Nursery School". Later it was wound up for administrative reasons.

Sixth Branch

The platinum Jubilee of the Kshatriya Vidhyasala was observed in 1964 with great gusto. To commemorate the occasion a new middle school to grace the great leader of Tamilnadu and our alumini Sri.K.Kamaraj by name "K.Kamaraj Vidhasala Middle School" was started on 07.09.1964 in the K.V.S.Middle School premises. The school was housed in the new building on 06.11.1964. A bronze statue of Sri.K.Kamaraj has been installed at the school entrance and the same was unveiled by Dr.Ramasubakh Singh, M.P.,on 03.11.1970.

Seventh Branch

A New primary School, by name 'K.P.Peria karuppa Nadar Primary School' was started in Muthuraman Patti in 1969 to honour Sri.K.P.Peria karuppa Nadar, who donated profusely to the cause of education. The school started functioning from 14.08.1969.

Eighth Branch

To cater the needs of the people, who crave for English Medium and to meet the growing demand for an English Medium School, it was decided to start an English Medium school. Accordingly classes were started on 04.11.1970. A Commodious campus for the K.V.S. English medium school was built along the Virudhunagar - Sattur National High way near Virudhunagar District Collectorate and the school was housed in it on 29.01.1976. Later in the year,1998 a separate Managing Board was constituted to manage the affairs of K.V.S.Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Nineth Branch

The centenary celebrations were held in 1989. To commemorate the same, a new primary school by name 'Kshatriya Vidhyasala Centenary School' was started to the benefit of the people living in the Eastern part of the town. Later in 2010 this school has been merged with the mother school (K.V.S.Middle School) and in its place the new "K.V.S.Centenary Nursery & Primary School" with cbse syllabus is functioning.