K.Kamarajar Vidhya Sala Middle School


kkvs_buildingThe First storey was opened by the Director of School Education(Madras State) Dr.M.D.Paul, M.A., M.Sc.,L.T.Ed.,D Initially the school was started with 509 students and 14 teachers. At present there are 630 students and 20 teachers. Students from I Standard to VIII Standard are studying in the school. At present the school has 14 classes. The School is recognised by the Education department of Tamilnadu. This is a fully aided educational institution. It follows the syllabus framed by Tamilnadu Educational Department. On the 75th anniversary of KVS Managing Board the honorable members who managed this prestigious Board had decided to form the sensible Sixth branch of this great Banyan Tree. The school was started on 07.09.1964 and named to portrait “King Maker” “Karma Veerar” K.Kamarajar who led his life as per the quotes of Chanakya, “A man is great by deeds not by birth” The foundation stone for the school building was laid out by the Chief Minister Sri. M.Bakthavatchalam,B.A.,B.L., on 05.10.1964. The ground floor buildings were opened on 06.11.1964 by our Municipal chairman Sri.M.S.P.Rajah, B.Com.,


The motto of the school is “HONEST,TALENT AND SELFLESS SERVICE”

kkvs_computerlab“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” – Stephen Hawking

The revolutionary invention of this century is “Computer”, which plays a vital role in the teaching and learning activities. The utilisation of the computer make us ahead of others. Several small projects to enrich teaching methodology were created by the faculty members itself. Computer was introduced to the First standard students itself from the year 1996 through our “K.S.CHIDAMBARANADAR – THENAMMAL COMPUTER CENTRE”.

  • From the year 2008 each classes of I standard to V standard were provided Television and a DVD player to improve the class room learning.
  • Acquiring the knowledge of computer the upper primary students are able to create their own computer projects to improve their learning study material.

To enrich the learning ability of the students a Multimedia class was introduced in the year 2008.


“T.K.S.PALANIAPPA NADAR – SIVAKAMI AMMAL SCIENCE LAB” which was started in the year 1997 motivates the flame of science in the students. We celebrate the “Science day” by conducting science exhibition on every 28th February.


“EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE, BROADEN IT” these are the golden lines of Tamil Poet Bharathi Dasan. To expand students knowledge, CHAVI S.C.NAGARAJAN SUGANTHI library was started in the year 2004. It contains nearly 5000 books.

Parents Teachers Association

Parents Teachers Association of our school motivates the students in the Academic and Sports activities. It contributes a lot of prizes to the achievers in the Quarterly and Half yearly examination. It conducts the Sports day every year. K.V.S.Managing Board which is the backbone of this institute contribute a lot. A few drops from its oceanic deeds. During the Annual day celebration the board encourages the top achievers of the Annual Examination by giving them Gold and Silver Medals through endowments.