TVS Middle School


tvs schookThe Philanthropists of Virudhunagar with a noble vision to give quality education to the children of this economically backward area started “Kshatriya Vidhyasala” which now has developed tremendously with many schools.

‘Thiruvalluvar Vidhyasala’ one of the institutions brought under the management of K.V.S. was established on 1.6.1955 in the place which was once called ‘Garden Class’. The school was named after the great tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar. In the beginning 19 classes from Kshatriya Vidhyasala Middle School were suffled and those students were admitted in the Thiruvalluvar Vidhyasala.

In 1955, the school in its growing stage had 700 students on its roll and 19 teachers served the institution. First it began as a primary school with classes upto V Std and on 1.6.1961, 1.6.1962 and on 1.6.1963 VI Std, VII Std and VIII Std were started respectively. Thus the school had a continuous growth and blossomed into a middle school.

When it became a middle school, new buildings were constructed within the school campus. The class rooms in East were built in 1962 where as the class rooms in the West were built in 1963. The buildings in the North and ‘Old Students Hall’ in the first floor were constructed in the year 1970.

‘The Free Lunch for the students’ programme was introduced by our former Chief Minister Shri.K.Kamaraj. This programme was first introduced in our school by our State Educational Director Thiru N.T.Sundaravadivelu M.A.L.T on 27.10.1957.

‘Nutritious Food Centre’ of K.V.S. Schools was built in the school premises and this programme is well admistered by Thiru N.C. Jeyabalan as its Organiser.

tvs_prizeIn the modern computer era, it is essential to impart computer knowledge to the students. With this objective a computer centre is functioning in our school. There are fifteen computers and one printer. To ensure the students to make use of this facility the centre is provided with several Compact Disks.
Thiru M.Gurusamy served as the Headmaster of this school from 1.6.1961 to 31.05.1987 for 25 yrs. He won the ‘Best Teacher’ award in the year 1984. He served from 1966 to 1983 as the Secretary of KVS Nutritious food providing centre, and discharged his duties winning everyone’s applause.

Besides, to enhance the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the students a multimedia centre is also functioning effectively in the school. Through this centre, Grammar, Rhymes, Science Practicals, Maths, Moral stories, Yoga, Thirukkural and Spoken English are taught effectively to the students.

To improve the general knowledge of the students a library was started on 2.11.2009 in our school. There are one thousand five hundred and Thirty books in its stock.

At present, (2010-11) 29 teaching staff are working and 952 students are studying in our school.

Let this institution live for immortal years serve the downtrodden and under-privileged section of society to have primary education and produce gems to spread the glory of the Alma mater far and wide for ever.